Find Your Soul Mate

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Find Your Soul Mate

Your soul mate or perfect partner does exist, so don’t fall into the trap of settling for less than what you really want in a relationship.

Too many people form relationships, and stay in relationships, that don’t make them happy, because they fear that they will never find their soul mate. This is the trap of believing that you cannot have what you really want, and that a relationship that is just barely okay is ‘as good as it gets.’

These ways of thinking, and of choosing, or drifting into relationships are based on fear. Fear that you don’t deserve a great relationship, fear that maybe your soul mate doesn’t exist, fear that even if you meet your perfect partner, perhaps he or she won’t think you are perfect.

All of these fears and negative beliefs are untrue, but they are very powerful, nonetheless. Fear is very effective at keeping us from having what we really want- in relationships and in life. Fear stops us from taking chances, and opening our eyes, minds, and hearts to the possibilities that exist everywhere. Fear leads us to make hasty and unwise choices, rather than ‘miss out.’ Fear also repels good and positive circumstances and people from entering our lives.

As you can see, fear is definitely something that we need to try and eliminate from our lives, or at the very least, minimize the control that it has over our minds and our lives.

Courage can be described as strength in the presence of fear, rather than an absence of fear. We will never rid ourselves totally of fear, (with the exception of those few completely enlightened beings of course). The best bet for the rest of us mortals, is to do as Susan Jeffers suggests- ‘feel the fear and do it anyway.’

Even though you may be afraid, you can still hold out for your perfect partner. By perfect partner, I am not referring to someone who is perfect, just someone who is really right for you. Someone who has a presence of the qualities that are important to you, and an absence of the qualities that you don’t want. Someone who can make you feel really good, just by being around. Someone who shares your core values, and has similar goals in life. In other words, your soul mate.

A soul mate doesn’t have to be a magical, mystical, one-in-a-million. A soul mate just needs to be a kind, caring person with a soul that fits well alongside yours!

If you want to find true love, and be happy with someone who is perfect for you, the first thing to do is to make up your mind not to settle.

Maybe you have already settled for someone that is not right for you, and you don’t see any likelihood that they will become right. Keep in mind that while people can definitely change their habits, they don’t change the core essence of who they are. If the person that you are with does not have a core essence, or soul, that can complement yours, then you really need to move on.

Once you have decided that you will hold out for your ideal partner, you need to work on your beliefs, and make sure that you are not blocking your own happiness with negative thinking.

You need to believe that it is possible for you to be loved, to be in love, and to be happy, and that you deserve these things. Believe that your soul mate does exist, and that you will meet them, in exactly the right way, at exactly the right time.

Affirmations are incredibly effective at both changing our way of thinking, and attracting positive circumstances into our lives.

Once you have figured out exactly what you need in a soul mate, and worked on creating beliefs that you can have a great relationship, the universe can work in some amazing and unexpected ways, to bring you what you want.

Love and happiness are within your reach- you just need to stretch out a little and grab them!

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