A Wrong Choice Is
Holding on to a Painful Situation

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Wrong Choice

Making the wrong choice is something most of us are terrified of doing. Sometimes we are so afraid that we will choose wrongly, that we procrastinate endlessly to avoid choosing at all. Even not choosing is a choice though, and in the grand scheme of things there is no such thing as a bad choice. Even a choice that ends up working out differently than you might have hoped can bring many opportunities for growth and learning.

The only wrong choice is to cling steadfastly to a situation that is causing you pain. Refusing to let go of a miserable situation not only makes you unhappy, but it blocks you from finding positive new opportunities.

Whatever your fears and beliefs may be, if you are in a situation that is causing you pain and unhappiness, then staying is not the choice of your higher self. If it feels wrong, that’s because it is. While a certain amount of discomfort is fine and necessary in learning to take chances and to grow, serious emotional suffering is a sign that all is not well.

With physical exercise, you can expect to feel a little sore as you push your fitness level to the limit. If your exercise regime is causing intense pain, though, you are doing something wrong. The same goes for life choices. There is nothing wrong with feeling that you are out of your comfort zone as you explore new opportunities and seek growth and advancement. But, if your choices and circumstances are causing you extreme distress, you really need to question your reasons for sticking with them.

There are many reasons that people stay in situations that cause them distress, and most of these reasons are based on fear. These fears can range from beliefs that you don’t deserve to be happy or that it is not possible to be happy, fear of change and the unknown, and a feeling that it is better to have something, even something painful, rather than nothing. It is scary to step into a void. Most people do everything within their power to avoid a feeling of emptiness, but it is only by becoming empty that we can receive the miracles of life.

Sometimes people stay in a bad situation because they feel that they have invested so much time, energy, emotion, and that by walking away, they would be ‘losing’ their investment. Energy can never be lost. Anything that you have put your heart and soul into will undoubtedly have given you much in terms of growth and learning. I am grateful for the many experiences I have had- even the painful ones. It is often from pain that we learn the most.

However, to stay trapped in a situation that you have come to realize is not healthy, and is hurting you, is a bad choice. However difficult and painful it will be to walk away, it will certainly be more painful to stay.

Emotional pain is the message of your higher self telling you that something is wrong. Listen to the message, and look within yourself for the courage to break free.

You do deserve to be happy, happiness is possible, and life and love don’t need to cause you pain. There is no wrong choice in life, but there are certainly some choices that have much more happiness to offer. Choose happiness!

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