Is It Too Late for My Life to Improve?
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March 4, 2012

Feelings that it is too late for things to change and intense frustration with circumstances are the underlying thoughts in this question from Scebberish in the United States. Scebberish wrote in response to my article on feeling trapped.

He says, “Easy to say when you are in your 20's and 30's but what if you’re nearing mid to late 50's? When you have been doing the same job for 35 years, looking forward to retirement and now they tell you they are moving the retirement age to a level you probably will never reach in any form of half decent health to be able to enjoy it! Not to mention the fact all the retirement investments you made are all gone down the tubes by gross mismanagement and corruption in the financial sector and the 401K has gone bankrupt.”

Dear Scebberish,

The biggest thing that stands out in your question is that it seems your overall feelings about the situation of your financial future are in the realm powerlessness, frustration and injustice. Firstly, I would like to say that you are undoubtedly justified in these feelings; being in a situation that you are not happy about, and being unable to see how things can change as rapidly as you want or need them to (or indeed change at all) elicits a negative emotional response from most people. However, it is these very normal and common reactions that actually keep so many people stuck in circumstances that they don’t want to be in.

Wanting to be right about the fact that you have been wronged does not allow the real ‘rightness’ that you want, that you so deserve, and that is available to you right now to flow into your life in other ways that your rational mind would have a hard time even imagining. Quite simply, if you believe that life is unfair to you, life will be unfair to you. If you believe things can’t change for you; they can’t change for you, and if you think it’s too late to create the life of your dreams, you are preventing yourself from being able to create this life (or rather allow this life to manifest around you – it has already been created by all the desires that you have had throughout your life, and is simply waiting for you to bring yourself into alignment with it, by becoming a match in your emotions to the joy, abundance, free-flowing expansion, and utter well-being that your ‘real life’ contains.)

Another thing that I notice is a very keen sensation of time limitation. If you can join me in the train of thought I have been attempting to lead you along, then I hope you will be able to begin to see that moving into the life you desire does not need to take a long process. Many people, I suspect including you, have the notion that there is something that you should have been doing for the last 20 or 30 years that would have brought you to the place you want to be right now, and that if you haven’t been doing this mysterious thing, you need to start now, and then 20 or 30 years from now it will finally pay off. The laws of the Universe don’t work this way at all. The only thing that takes time in stepping into the life you want is aligning yourself with that life. This means getting into a mindset where you truly believe that you can and will have everything you want, and that only good can come to you.

The reason that some people seem trapped in a pattern of circumstances that remain the same, or even deteriorate, is that they stay trapped in the same pattern of thoughts and emotions that initially began creating these unpleasing events. They don’t think something will go well, and as a result it doesn’t, which reinforces their belief that the next thing won’t go well either. Before they know it, they have a pattern of observing the results of their own negative contemplation, being convinced that things just don’t go well for them, and getting a continuing cycle of the same.

When people have a long-standing pattern of thought and emotion, and physical results to confirm the truth and validity of these habits of thought, it can be quite difficult to get to the point of being ready and willing to begin consciously retraining these habits into more positive ones that can begin allowing some good stuff to trickle into their life experience. However, if you can deliberately and determinedly begin replacing the negative soundtrack in your mind which directly impacts on your emotions, within a very short space of time, you can begin to see real changes which give you the encouragement of physical evidence that makes it easier to keep going.

There is also a positive aspect in regard to the fact that you have lived more years of life than a 30-year-old, and this is that you have had more time and more experiences that have helped you to create the life you truly do want in vivid Technicolor and intricate detail. The life that you have now carved out, and that is ready and waiting for you to step into it, is undoubtedly far more magnificent than the life that you had created when you were 30.

In any moment, each of us has only two real choices; either to go in the direction of the amazing lives that we were all born to live, by choosing to find the best thoughts and feelings we can at the time, or to stay trapped in a current reality that we don’t want by allowing our focus, energy and emotions to be directed by observing this reality, fighting against it, complaining about it, worrying about how long it will continue or how much worse it might get. Most people are very well practiced in doing the latter, and to begin shifting to a new way of being takes effort, will-power and determination, but this effort can pay off beyond anything you might imagine from where you are now. I know these things for a fact; from my own life, and the lives of people I work with. Once you can bring yourself to a place of truly believing that your life can be magnificent, your life will be magnificent.

I see you happy, prosperous and enjoying all of your life and I will hold this vision for you.

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