To Overcome Obstacles
You Must Believe You Can

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To Overcome Obstacles

To overcome any challenge or obstacle in life is to refuse to let it stand in your way. Contrary to what many people think, overcoming difficulties in life does not require physical strength or mental brilliance. To triumph over whatever hurdles you face simply needs a determination that you will live your life the way you choose- no matter what.

To overcome something does not mean you have to conquer or demolish that obstacle. The only thing you need to do to prevail in any condition is to eliminate the power of that situation, fear, or belief over you. It is not the situation that is the barrier; it is your reaction to the situation. Trust your heart and you can find your way out of any beliefs or fears that are dragging you down.


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Think of someone who is physically challenged. Overcoming the challenges presented by physical limitations does not mean performing a miracle and regaining the ability to walk or see. Triumph over any perceived limitations means living life to the full in spite of any difficulties. Refusing to let anything or anyone stop you from having and doing everything you truly want. Tell the world at large, 'I want my life back.'

Once you have decided that you will allow nothing to stand in the way of the path that you choose, you will need to develop your courage, persistence, and faith. These qualities can be strengthened by your very refusing to accept a lack of them. Courage is a refusal to live life ruled by fears, persistence is a refusal to give up on your dreams, and faith is a refusal to doubt that you have what it takes to handle any difficulties life may bring.

Some difficulties that can be especially challenging to overcome are those which affect us on a mental and emotional level. One thing that affects most of us in our fast-paced modern lives is stress, and finding effective ways to manage stress is essential if we are going to create balance and wellbeing amidst the busyness.

How to overcome social anxiety is a question that can trouble even the most seemingly confident people. Feeling ill at ease and self conscious in social situations is a situation that can greatly affect our quality of life. However, with effective techniques, social anxiety can indeed become a thing of the past.

Feelings of loneliness can also create great unhappiness and stem from the lack of experiencing real and fulfilling connections with ourselves and others. See this article for tips on how to overcome loneliness.

An emotion that many people need to overcome is jealousy. While jealousy can certainly be experienced in friendship or family relationships, the emotion is often most intense in romantic relationships. Jealousy is not only harmful to your wellbeing, but can also damage or even destroy the relationship you so desperately want to protect.

General anxiety- a persistent feeling of dread and unease, is something which can cause us distress, and hold us back from creating the happiness and fulfilment that we deserve in our lives. If this is an issue for you, read this article on overcoming anxiety.

A serious challenge many people encounter is overcoming addiction, whether the addiction is to a substance, such as drugs or alcohol, a behavior like shopping, gambling or overeating, or sometimes validation from another person or a relationship.

Another difficulty which millions of people face, and which may present a huge obstacle in our lives, is depression. Figuring out how to overcome depression is essential if your life is affected by this potentially devastating condition.

When fears surface, and they will, firmly and repeatedly replace them with courage and determination. Remind yourself of how far you have come, rather than how far you still have to go.

Psychology self help might offer just what you are looking for if you want to learn better ways to feel and to react to situations, patterns of behavior and thinking that would make you happier.

When you feel discouraged about reaching your goals, and think of quitting, refuse to give up. It is sheer persistence and determination that allows most successful people to achieve their dreams.

Even when you think you can’t keep going, just give it one more try. You only ever need one more try at a time. Don’t think beyond that. Many people come incredibly close to their goals and quit without the couple of ‘last’ tries that would have gotten them there.

If you need encouragement, take a look at the obstacles these highly successful people overcame to reach their goals.

Abraham Lincoln lost 12 major elections before he finally gained presidency of the United States of America.

Ludwig van Beethoven triumphed over both a hearing loss and early discouragement from his music teacher who said that ‘as a composer, he was hopeless,’ to become one of the most famous composers of classical music.

Michael Jordan, an incredibly successful basketball player, was once dropped from a high school basketball team because of his "lack of skill."

The reason that these people eventually reached their goals was because they refused to give up, no matter how many difficulties they encountered, and how little faith other people had in them. They kept their faith in themselves, and ultimately their courage and persistence paid off.

There is no reason that you cannot do the same. To overcome obstacles and fulfill your dreams is a choice. Keep choosing to believe in yourself and you can overcome almost anything.

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