50 Self Affirmations for
Transforming Negative Self Talk

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Self affirmations are powerful positive statements that we can use to instill beliefs that give us confidence in ourselves. These affirmations counteract negative self talk, and attitudes that discourage us, and can create new and uplifting beliefs and thoughts in any area of our lives.

The following 50 affirmations focus on increasing belief in our own innate strength and power, allowing love to manifest strongly in our lives, creating and enhancing a deep sense of inner peace, developing a strong and healthy self image, and allowing joy to become a powerful force in our lives.

Used frequently and with persistence, these affirmations can transform negative ways of thinking, and help create powerful new attitudes and habits in every aspect of our lives.




Self Affirmations for Strength

  1. I allow myself to embrace my strength.
  2. I give thanks for the strength that flows through me.
  3. I am always able to handle what happens with strength and courage.
  4. I am a being of infinite strength and power.
  5. I need only to open my heart to allow strength to flow through me.
  6. The universal human spirit, which is present in me, is limitless in strength and courage.
  7. I can always connect with my inner strength.
  8. I am creating a life filled with strong and powerful choices.
  9. I accept that I am filled with the strength of the Divine.
  10. I affirm that my ability to access my strength and courage is developing every day.

Self Affirmations for Love

  1. I am filled with love for myself and others.
  2. I allow the love of the Divine to flow into and through me.
  3. I release all barriers that prevent me from a deep experience of love in my life.
  4. Love is the essence of who I am.
  5. I affirm that I am worthy of love.
  6. I give and receive love freely.
  7. I am open to the full expression of love in my life.
  8. I am creating surroundings of love in every aspect of my life.
  9. I am creating and sustaining loving relationships that nourish me.
  10. The love that fills my heart spills over into every area of my life.

Self Affirmations for Inner Peace

  1. I allow all fear, worry and negativity to dissolve and evaporate.
  2. I am filled with peace and wellbeing.
  3. The peace that comes from my connection with the Divine fills my heart and soul.
  4. I am at peace with myself and the Universe.
  5. Peace fills my heart and creates a life of joy and wonder.
  6. I only need to look within my heart to connect with the deep peace I possess.
  7. Whatever is happening around me, I am at peace within myself.
  8. I allow the peace that is within me to radiate to all around me.
  9. Peace is at the center of everything I do.
  10. The peace of my Higher Power flows into and through me.

Self Affirmations for Joy

  1. Joy fills my heart and spills over into every aspect of my life.
  2. I am worthy of joy and happiness.
  3. Joy is the essence of who I am, and I allow joy to flow freely in my life.
  4. The joy that is within me spills over to those around me.
  5. My joy is ever increasing as I allow it to fill my heart.
  6. I take pleasure in experiencing the joy and wonder of life.
  7. I affirm that it is my purpose to live fully and joyfully.
  8. I embrace the joy that life offers, in all its ups and downs.
  9. I am filled with joy at the miracle of life.
  10. The world around me with all its wonders fills my heart with joy.

Self Affirmations for Positive Self Image

  1. I trust in my ability to cope and thrive.
  2. I nurture and embrace a deep inner confidence.
  3. I give myself credit for all the good things I do.
  4. I am gentle with myself as I learn and grow.
  5. I take time to appreciate all the good things in my life.
  6. I treat myself with love and respect.
  7. I give priority to doing the things that nourish my wellbeing.
  8. I allow myself to focus on the positive aspects of my being and release the need to criticize.
  9. My sense of confidence and wellbeing is increasing every day.
  10. I am part of the Great Whole, and I reflect this sense of belonging in everything I do.

Self affirmations allow us to recognize, accept, embrace and fully experience the inner power and goodness that we all possess. These affirmations work by replacing the negative beliefs that so many of us have accumulated, (often since childhood), with new and positive attitudes. The beliefs we create with positive self affirmations allow us to enjoy the true, amazing essence of our Selves, and live the lives of joy that we were born to live.

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