Self Acceptance Means Embracing
the Life Force Within Us

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Self acceptance is fundamental to a happy life. If we are unable to accept that we are good, valuable, and worthy, trying to live fully and joyfully will be a futile attempt. To truly accept ourselves, we need to learn to focus on our inner being, and stop judging ourselves by the impossible material standards that most of us apply.

When we think that we must be rich, thin, smart, successful, popular, and extremely attractive in order to be worthy of acceptance, is it any wonder that our society is filled with insecurity and self doubt?

Even (or sometimes especially) those people who outwardly seem to ‘have it all,’ are often filled with feelings of inadequacy. When your self acceptance is based on external factors, there can be no deep feeling of security. For one thing, there will always be someone richer or more attractive or more successful. If your self worth depends on these things, there is also the fear that these things may be taken from you. Money and material success can come and go and physical appearance changes with age.

The only way to create a deep feeling of self worth, is to focus on the part of you that is unchangeable in essence, and absolutely magnificent in power and beauty. The life force that is within you and that flows through every living being is what really constitutes the ‘self.’ Your self is not your mind or your body. These are merely tools for your soul to use. It is very important to recognize and remember, that the mind, and its wild imaginings, and the body with its cravings and vulnerabilities, can be wonderful tools, if you put the maestro of your soul in charge.

Self acceptance is not about convincing yourself that you are perfect. It is about being willing to accept that you are a human being with flaws, foibles, quirks, and plenty of room to grow, but that at the same time you are unbelievably amazing. You are a miracle. The very fact of your existence is a miracle, and being alive is an incredible gift. Acceptance enables you to wholeheartedly embrace this gift of life, and to cherish the beauty of your soul rather than getting obsessed over the shape, size, and color of the container that your physical being provides.

Self acceptance is about being willing to connect with the essence of who you are, and work at overcoming the fears and beliefs that prevent you from accepting the fact that you are amazing. The divine life force that flows through each and every one of us is as strongly present in you as it is in the most powerful or enlightened person on the planet. The difference between someone who is living fully, joyfully, and powerfully, and someone who is struggling with self acceptance is that the former has managed to eliminate the barriers to a strong connection between their mind and their soul.

Lack of self acceptance prevents you from claiming and enjoying your power and magnificence.

One method that can be very effective in removing the doubts, fears and misconceptions that prevent us living a soul filled life is called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

EFT is a powerful form of self help that uses energy tapping combined with the repetition of an affirmation. The affirmation includes acknowledgement of the issue and a statement of unconditional self acceptance. This can be applied to anything that is causing internal conflict, from deeply-held beliefs, to everyday irritations. An EFT affirmation follows the lines of, “Even though I feel inadequate (belief or issue), I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Taking time to connect with and nurture your soul can also increase feelings of deep and joyful acceptance. Read inspiring material, spend time in the beauty of nature, develop a spiritual practice, listen to beautiful music, and remember to give thanks for the gift of life and the blessings that abound.

Allow true self acceptance to fill your heart as you learn to let go of external measures of worthiness, and practice living soulfully.

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