Releasing Negative Energy -
Two Powerful Techniques

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Releasing negative energy is something that can make an enormous difference to our wellbeing in every aspect of our lives. Often we may be unaware of how much negative energy we carry, stored up in our bodies. Negative energy is created by unreleased negative emotions, and every thought and feeling that we ever have contains energy.

When we do not release this energy, it remains in our bodies, and we experience the results of this in a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional manifestations. Unreleased negative energy can result in symptoms ranging from headaches and ulcers, to fatigue and irritability, sleep disturbances, difficulty with concentration and memory, and anxiety and depression. A buildup of negative energy can also lead to the feelings of being stuck, overwhelmed, or lethargic.

We may react to these unpleasant sensations and conditions in much the same way that we often react to the very emotions which lead to the symptoms. Rather than acknowledging and releasing the emotions and the energy, we often try to dull and suppress them; distracting or numbing ourselves with activities (such as escapist entertainment), and substances (such as food, drugs, or alcohol). While this may provide temporary relief, it actually adds to the buildup of unreleased energy. Even as we try to ease our discomfort, the act of suppression itself creates emotion. We are usually aware, at least on some level, that we are not addressing what is really bothering us, and this causes a sense of internal conflict, and sometimes feelings of guilt.

While repressing negative emotions is clearly not a beneficial course of action, it is what most of us tend to do, most of the time. Sometimes we manage to express the emotions we experience, and this is definitely a better alternative to suppressing them. However, as we are experiencing emotions in every minute of every day, it is often not feasible to express them at the time they arise.

Noticing the emotion, acknowledging it, and making a mental note to come back to it when the time is more appropriate in order to express it is one path toward releasing negative energy. Once we have found time to express our feelings through a method such as talking or writing, we are then in a position where we can choose to release the energy of these emotions.

Another alternative is to go directly, in the moment that the emotions arise, to a practical method of releasing negative energy. This can be done, with practice, silently, and practically instantaneously; even when there is action going on all around us.

There are two particular methods of releasing negative energy that I have found to be very effective, and using one or both of these techniques can prevent a buildup of negative energy. We can do this by continually releasing the energy, moment by moment, as the situations and emotions arise.

Both these methods stem from the discoveries of a physicist named Lester Levenson. The first of these techniques for releasing negative energy is known as the Release Technique, and is taught by Larry Crane. Quite simply, it involves noticing the negative emotion in the chest or stomach (the energy center) where it is felt, and lowering the head towards the energy center in order to disengage the mind. Then through visualization, creating a way for the energy to be released; either through a pipe or tube like an oil rig, or through a window.

The other technique, based on Levenson’s work, for releasing negative energy is called the Sedona Method. The Sedona Method involves welcoming the emotion, whatever it may be, which in itself goes against the grain of the usual reactions that we have to unwanted emotion. The method then follows a path of asking simple questions in order to create an awareness that we are able, willing, and finally ready to release the emotion.

While these methods are simple, like with any techniques, the key to using them successfully is in the practical and consistent application.

By releasing negative energy at the time a current event triggers an emotional reaction we also release the energy that past events have created in relation to that emotion. For example, when we feel angry about being overlooked in a social situation, the anger that we feel is not just in response to what is happening in this moment. The emotion accesses all the stored energy that we hold from every time we have ever been overlooked, which is why we sometimes feel that our emotional response is out of proportion to what we are currently experiencing.

Releasing negative energy allows us to return to our natural state of being, which is one of peace, joy, and harmony. While releasing negative energy once or twice will not clear what is very often an enormous buildup, even as we begin to practice releasing, we notice a lightened sensation around the energy center of the chest and stomach.

With a continued practice of releasing negative energy, we become freer, more joyful, more productive, and more energized. By continuously noticing and releasing emotions as they arise, we can avoid an energy buildup, and stay more and more in a free-flowing state of wellbeing.

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