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Prayer quotes inspire us to spend time nurturing our direct connection with the Divine by making prayer a priority in our lives. These quotes help us to understand and remember what a powerful tool prayer can be, not only in living our lives in tune with our highest good and the good of all around us, but in connecting deeply with our own spirits.

Some prayer quotes remind us of how important and powerful prayer is, and what a difference it can make in our own lives, and the world around us. Prayer can create miracles, provide support and guidance in times of difficultly, and allow us to connect with our own inner being as well as our Higher Power.

“When I pray, coincidences happen, and when I don't pray, they don't.” William Temple

"More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of." Alfred Lord Tennyson “Trouble and perplexity drive me to prayer and prayer drives away perplexity and trouble.” Philip Melanchthen

“When a man is at his wits' end it is not a cowardly thing to pray, it is the only way he can get in touch with Reality. “ Oswald Chambers

“Prayer gives a man the opportunity of getting to know a gentleman he hardly ever meets. I do not mean his maker, but himself.” William Inge

The following prayer quotes tell us that there are many ways to pray, and that one of the most powerful ways is through living our daily lives with gratitude, positive action, creativity, reverence, and mindfulness.

“Be creative. Don’t be worried about what you are doing - one has to do many things - but do everything creatively, with devotion. Then your work becomes worship. Then whatsoever you do is a prayer. And whatsoever you do is an offering at the altar.” Osho

“Prayer is communication with the Divine. It can be whispered or chanted or written or expressed in the work you do. However it is expressed, it is never in vain.” Donna Wilk Cardillo

“Prayer is not merely an occasional impulse to which we respond when we are in trouble: prayer is a life attitude.” Walter A. Mueller

Other prayer quotes suggest that what we pray for is just as important as how we pray, and that we should be seeking - with Divine support - to become all that we can be.

“Pray not for a lighter load, but for stronger shoulders.” St. Augustine

“Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for power equal to your tasks.”Phillips Brooks

There are some great prayer quotes that urge us to align our prayers with the way we live our lives, and this is a key to our happiness and inner peace.

“We must alter our lives in order to alter our hearts, for it is impossible to live one way and pray another.” William Law

“And help us, this and every day, to live more nearly as we pray.” John Keble

“It is good for us to keep some account of our prayers, that we may not unsay them in our practice.” Matthew Henry

The following prayer quotes advocate silence and gratitude as the cornerstones of powerful prayer. The quote from Victor Hugo also emphasizes the fact that we need not worry about our prayers reaching their destination. The simple act of heartfelt praying is enough.

“God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer.” Mother Teresa

“A simple grateful thought turned heavenwards is the most perfect prayer.” Doris Lessing

“To give thanks in solitude is enough. Thanksgiving has wings and goes where it must go. Your prayer knows much more about it than you do.” Victor Hugo

These is an important reminder contained in some prayer quotes that we must support our prayers by taking practical action, or at the very least, keep our eyes open for the manifestation of what we have asked for.

There is a story that is told which also illustrates this essential truth.

A man awoke one fine morning to discover that the nearby river had flooded the entire road in front of his house. The water was so deep that the man’s neighbors had launched their rowboat and were rowing up to his porch to check on him.

“Don’t worry about me,” said the man to his concerned neighbors. “God will save me. My prayers will be answered.”

The water kept rising, until it started to flood the first floor of the man’s house. Looking out the window, the man saw another rowboat. The people on the rowboat shouted up an invitation to come away to safety with them.

"No, thank you," the man replied. "God will save me." The people on the rowboat shrugged and rowed off to see who else they could save.

The flood water continued to rise, until the man needed to climb onto his roof to stay dry. He was spotted by a rescue helicopter that dropped a rope to him.

“Don’t trouble yourself with me,” the man shouted. “I’m not worried. God will save me.”

So the rescue helicopter went off to save someone else.

Eventually, the man was left clinging to his chimney. Then, the water rose so high that he was swept away and he drowned.

Arriving in heaven, the very confused man asked to see God right away.

“Lord, what happened?” he asked. “I put my trust in You. I was certain that You would save me from the flood.”

God answered, “I was planning to save you! That’s why I sent the rowboats and the helicopter.”

This story can definitely remind us to heed the message of these final two prayer quotes.

“Call on God, but row away from the rocks. “ Indian Proverb

“It is in vain to expect our prayers to be heard, if we do not strive as well as pray.” Aesop

The words of great prayer quotes are powerfully uplifting, prayers themselves are extremely powerful, and putting our prayers into action is vital in creating the joyful and fulfilling lives that we are truly meant to live.

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