Prayer for Abundance -
The Affirmative Power of Prayer

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prayer for abundance

An affirmative prayer for abundance focuses on replacing the doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs that are at the root of all our unhappiness and lack, with trust and confidence.

The prayer for abundance on this page, like any affirmative prayer, can be altered to fit your own beliefs and needs. In using prayer, the power comes from making a deep and personal connection with the higher part of ourselves, as well as the divine source of which we are a part. Prayer helps us align ourselves with a loving universe and develop a relationship and dialogue with our higher power, whatever name we choose to give that power. Even very simple prayers can be a powerful way to connect instantly with our Higher Power and to feel supported, guided and protected.

A prayer for abundance can also help us to notice and be grateful for the abundance that already exists in so many aspects of all of our lives, but often goes unacknowledged. In appreciating how much we already do have, we nurture a positive and open heart and mind, which are fertile ground for more and more abundance to flourish. By focusing on what is right, rather than what is wrong in our lives, we actually get to enjoy rather than ignore or take for granted all the wonderful things that we are blessed with. True abundance comes, not from the possessing, but from the enjoying, of what we have.

Using a prayer for abundance can help us enlist divine support in letting go of the barriers that our fears and doubts create between us and the lives we are truly meant to live- lives of abundance and joy. Releasing negative beliefs, and replacing them with positive ones of affirmation, can be a whole lot easier with some powerful back-up!

The power of prayer also comes from being able to let go of the burden of having to ‘do it all ourselves.’ Rather than believing that we have to ‘make things happen,’ prayer can help us get out of our own way, and let things happen. Prayer helps us to believe and affirm that amazing things are possible in our lives, and that we do not necessarily need to know exactly how these ‘miracles’ will manifest. We just need to trust that they can and will happen, and stop blocking them from happening with fear and doubt.

If more abundance is something you want to experience in your life, give this prayer for abundance a try. If there are words or phrases that don’t feel right to you, change them. Prayer is a personal thing, not one-size-fits-all. If you would like help in changing this prayer for abundance to fit your own beliefs and needs, or to create prayers for other aspects of your life, Choosing Life My Way offers a service for this. You can also have your prayers made into audio recordings, so that you can listen to them repeatedly while you drive, exercise, do chores, or even sleep.

As with affirmations and visualizations, affirmative prayer becomes most effective with frequent use. May this prayer for abundance help create more and more joy and abundance in the lives of all who read it.

Dear Spirit of Love,

I give thanks for the amazing abundance of the world I live in, and decide to accept this abundance as my own. The only limit to the blessings and wealth I can receive are the limits I place on myself. My fears and limiting beliefs create a barrier between me and the wealth and abundance that are rightfully mine as a beloved child of the universe. I decide to be free of these barriers and ask for your help and guidance in releasing them.

With your divine power and support, I allow all fears and negative beliefs about money and wealth to dissolve and evaporate. Like smoke rising up into the clouds, all doubt, fear and negativity are leaving my body, my mind, my heart, and my soul. In their place, I am filled with peace, joy, love, trust, and confidence. I am ready, willing, and open to receive abundance in every aspect of my life. I affirm that my wealth and prosperity are increasing every day.

As abundance begins to fill every area of my life, my feelings of joy and fulfillment increase. I experience abundance on every level of my life. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, I am surrounded and enveloped by abundance and joy. I affirm that it is my purpose to live fully and joyfully, and that I am worthy of every good thing in life. I release all thoughts of scarcity and lack, and ask these thoughts to release me.

I welcome money and abundance into my life. I enjoy the flow of positive energy that creating and sharing money allows. I open my heart and my mind to giving and receiving money in new and creative ways, and the flow of abundance and goodness in my life increases on every level. As I receive more and more wealth and goodness into my life, I am able to share this wealth in new and wonderful ways. I give more of my time, of my ideas, of my energy, of my creativity, of my love, and of my money. As I give more and more, ever increasing amounts flow back to me, and I am centered in a continually growing cycle of abundance.

The powerful stream of abundance flows into and through me, and sweeps away any traces of doubt and scarcity from my life, and the lives of all around me. Spirit of Love, I am so grateful for the incredible abundance which is now manifesting in my life by your power.

I am a being of abundance and joy.

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