Powerful Affirmations Make an Impact

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Powerful Affirmations

The most powerful affirmations have three things in common: they are positive, they are immediate, and they are personal. While affirmations in general are a powerful tool, by fine-tuning your statements to center on these three factors, you can really increase the impact they have on your life.

It is very important to focus our concentration on the things we want to create in our lives, rather than always noticing what we have already created, but don’t want. We tend to get more of what we pay the most attention to, so if you don’t like the fact that you spend most Friday nights at home alone, shift your attention to what you would prefer to be doing, rather than dwelling on your present scenario.

Likewise, to formulate powerful affirmations, it is vitally important to affirm that we are creating the positive situation that we desire, and not that we are correcting our current situation which we perceive as negative.

In other words, if you are using affirmations because you are shy and find it difficult to make friends, don’t use statements like ‘I am overcoming my shyness.’ Even though overcoming shyness is clearly a positive thing, this affirmation places the emphasis on an area of your life that you do not currently feel positive about.

The way to overcome shyness is by using powerful affirmations such as ‘I am becoming more confident and comfortable with people day by day,’ or ‘I am choosing to share my kind and loving nature with others.’ Affirm what you want, not what you don’t want- even if your phrasing of the latter seems positive.

Powerful affirmations must also be immediate. They need to be phrased in the present tense in order to be effective. It does not achieve anything to try training your subconscious mind to accept that sometime in the future, you ‘will’ create something you want, such as your dream home.

At a soul-deep level, we recognize that the future is only an illusion. Now is all there ever is, and all there will ever be. To create the home you desire, use an affirmation such as ‘I am now creating my dream home.’ To make this even more effective, start taking some action, however small, to physically support your statement. If your dream home has scented candles in every rooms, go out and get some now! Powerful affirmations, coupled with positive action, are unstoppable!

Finally, your affirmations need to be personal. To create exactly what you want in your life, you need to be very clear about what you actually do want. Vague statements like ‘I want more money,’ at best bring vague results. What does money mean to you? Do you need a huge amount of cash to feel abundance, or would just enough for a simple lifestyle be all you want?

An affirmation such as ‘I am now creating financial security,’ becomes a lot more powerful when it is personalized to state that ‘I am creating sufficient abundance to enjoy the things I love doing,’ or ‘I am becoming wealthy enough to have the possessions I desire and to provide for those I love.’ (It is not necessary to include a list of those possessions in every affirmation as this can become a very lengthy process. You simply need to know, or even better write down, the things that you wish to be able to buy with your increased wealth). The more specific, detailed, and personal you can become in stating what you wish to achieve, the more powerful your affirmations will be.

For truly powerful affirmations, state exactly what you want. Make your affirmations positive and personal, and declare that you are creating or becoming exactly what you want- right now!

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