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Motivational Stories

Motivational stories are tales that encourage us to be the best we can be. They remind us that there is always a way to achieve something if we want it badly enough, to never give up, and to believe in ourselves.

These stories inspire and hearten us by showing how people just like us have found the courage to overcome adversity, make the best of the worst situations, achieve the ‘impossible,’ and refuse to be slowed down by physical limitations.

The most motivational stories for many of us are about people who have been in a similar situation to the one we are currently in, and have risen above their circumstances. We need to believe, and be reminded, that no matter how difficult our current conditions may be, there is a way to triumph over them.
By reading true stories about people who have succeeded in doing the things that we wish to do, we have proof that it really can be done. This can be vital in maintaining our conviction, and persevering in taking the steps we need to take towards our goals. Seeing in black and white (or technicolor) that success, happiness, a fulfilling career, and a happy relationship are possible helps us to silence the niggling inner voice that tells us we are never going to get there.

It can also be very motivating to read about how many failures or setbacks most successful people have had before they finally reach their goals. When we are feeling discouraged, or that it is difficult to keep on keeping on, reading and rereading these types of stories can remind us to always try just once more.

We can be encouraged by the fact that it is not just we who find that the fulfillment of our goals doesn’t automatically fall into our laps. That most people work just as long and hard as we are working to get to where they want to be, and that the reason they eventually get there is by sheer persistence.

It is good to know too, that most of our role models have role models of their own. This can also encourage us in turn to become role models to others who are finding their way, as we progress further on our own paths. By attaining our own goals, we not only get to enjoy the rewards of our success, but we can inspire others to keep following their dreams.

Motivational stories are so important to us because we need to know, and to be reminded that what we are trying to do- even if it seems like an impossible dream- can be done. Whether or not anyone else has accomplished the exact same thing that you are striving to achieve doesn’t matter. It is the possibility of eventual success that we so badly need to believe is real.

Perhaps nobody has ever created what you are trying to create, but you can still draw much inspiration and encouragement from others who have succeeded by persisting with their ideas long after most people would have stopped trying.

The motivational stories of these successes can help to remind you that, ‘genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.’ This statement comes from Thomas Edison- one of the most often quoted inventors who continues to illuminate our lives with both his invention of the light bulb, and his wonderful attitudes to life and success.

Another great quote is from Walt Disney who said, ‘It's kind of fun to do the impossible.’ Disney made a remarkable contribution to the world of entertainment and had a passion for his work. Despite setbacks such as being told that Mickey Mouse would never succeed, he continued to prove that he could do the ‘impossible,’ and had a great time doing it.

An incredibly inspiring woman was Helen Keller, who refused to let physical limitations stop her from living life to the full. Despite being deaf and blind, she became a well educated, world-famous speaker and writer. She spent much of her life advocating for the rights of the blind, and continues to inspire us with her wonderfully positive ideas.

Viktor Frankl was a psychologist who survived three years in concentration camps in the early 1940s. During his imprisonment, he not only managed to keep a positive attitude, but helped other inmates to overcome the shock and grief they were experiencing. He was able to find meaning in life, amidst unthinkable circumstances, and after his release, spent his life and career inspiring the world to ‘say yes to life in spite of everything.’

Those of us who wish to live lives of abundance (and who doesn’t?!) can find great encouragement from motivational stories of ‘rags to riches,’ and of people who have overcome adversity and hardship in life to reach their dreams and financial success.

Oprah Winfrey is one of my favorite examples of someone who has created enormous wealth in her life, despite childhood poverty. The best thing is, not only has Oprah become one of the richest women in the world, but she has helped millions of people while achieving success.

We can be inspired by people all around us. One inspiring woman I know is someone close to me- my sister Lisa Michelle. She embodies the attitudes that this site is all about, and lives her life her way!

Being motivating and inspiring is not about being rich and famous, it’s simply about following your heart and living your dreams- no matter what. If you look around, there are almost certainly people in your life whose courage, determination, attitudes, and inner glow encourage others without even trying.

If you trust your intuition, are true to yourself, and follow your dreams, you will be one of those people whose motivational stories encourage those around them, and your life will be an inspiration.

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