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I Want My Life Back

Saying I want my life back and really meaning it is a big step in reclaiming the personal power that many of us give up far too easily. If you feel that control over your life and your destiny has slipped out of your hands, it is time to take back a firm grasp.

There are many ways that we can give away our power, and they are all harmful to our self-esteem and our happiness. One of the biggest thieves of empowerment is fear. When we allow fear to control us, our reactions, our choices, and our habits, we wind up feeling powerless.

Overcoming fear does not mean that you will banish fear from your life forever, it just means that you put fear in its rightful place as a normal human emotion, and not the controlling force of your destiny. When fear looms large, take a stand and declare I want my life back!
We can also give away our power by being dominated by negative and limiting thoughts and beliefs. When these types of thinking are allowed to run amok in our minds, we can find ourselves feeling helpless and hopeless. By making a commitment to replacing these thoughts and beliefs with positive and powerful statements, we can create an attitude of strength.

Another way of losing power over our own lives is being controlled by the need to please other people or to conform to what society expects. Doing either of these things is damaging, as we are not making our own powerful decisions in a clear and conscious manner.

Many of us give away control over our lives to other people. When we feel inferior, or insecure in our own feelings and choices, we defer to those in our lives that have more forceful attitudes. This is never a good choice. Even the most well-meaning friend, lover, or parent cannot make the right choices for you. No-one else can follow your heart or listen to your intuition- you have to do it yourself.

There are also many situations of people giving control over their lives to others who are manipulative, over-controlling, and generally do not have their best interests at heart. If we feel powerless and insecure, it is very easy to be manipulated, and the people that we tend to be drawn to display the opposite aspects of our negative beliefs. This is not a recipe for emotional well-being, healthy relationships, or a happy life.

If you feel that you have lost control over your own life and future, in a big or small way, then make a choice, here and now. Decide to tell yourself and the world at large, I want my life back. It is my life and I’m going to live my way!

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