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I love my life

I love my life! If you can say these words and mean them, it is a wonderful indication that you have chosen to be happy- regardless of the ups and downs life may bring. No matter how things may appear to those looking on, none of us have completely smooth, trouble-free lives. The biggest difference between those who love their lives and those who don’t is attitude.

It has been said that most of us are just about as happy as we have made up our minds to be, and I believe that this is very true. If you keep the thought firmly in your mind that ‘I love my life,’ it becomes increasingly difficult to be negative or pessimistic- even when things don’t go the way you wanted. It can also become much easier to focus on the positive aspect of any situation when you have a generally optimistic outlook on life.

A negative attitude is simply a habit. Many people have spent their whole lives focusing on what’s wrong rather than what’s right. It is a very common and very destructive habit, but habits can be broken. It’s often easier to look at things negatively- especially if this is something that you have always done. It takes an effort to rise above the muck of pessimism that many people spend their lives stuck in, but it is such a worthwhile effort. It can make the difference between a life of misery, or at best vague dissatisfaction, and a life where you can honestly declare ‘I love my life!’

If you are not at the point presently where you are saying 'I love my life,' don’t be discouraged. Even the happiest and most optimistic of people are not going to feel completely positive all of the time. It is simply a matter of creating a habit of positivity. If you can reprogram your mind to look for what’s good in any situation, and to return to a state of happiness rather than misery as a default condition, you will find that mostly you can feel really good about your life- even in challenging circumstances.This is generally my attitude in recent years, and it feels great that I love my life, warts and all.

To change a habit takes time and persistence. An old habit needs to be replaced with a new behavior. Any habit can be changed, with commitment and effort, but you must be willing to make the effort. A lack of persistence is why most people stay stuck with habits they don’t really want to have, or keep falling back into old patterns before they have really managed to cement the new behavior that they wish to adopt.

Most of our thoughts and beliefs are simply a result of the repetition of things that we have heard, were told, or once believed to be true. Our minds accept these as facts because we have told ourselves these things often enough. If your programming is not making you happy, it’s time to reprogram. As a way of changing things that are not working, I cannot recommend affirmations highly enough. Using affirmations allows you to consciously program your mind with beliefs that you choose to have. Beliefs that will help you to be happy and fulfilled.

Changing your beliefs can literally change your life. Decide that you will embrace a positive outlook, and replace thoughts of what’s wrong with a focus on what’s right in the world and your life. Without any noticeable external changes, you can go from complaining, ‘I hate my life,’ and feeling miserable as a result, to choosing happiness and declaring that ‘I love my life, and I will live my way!’

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