Healing Shame Through
A Six Step Self-Help Process

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Healing hands to guide your path.

Healing shame involves a gradual process, and this six step self-help guide will gently show you the way.

The very start of any process of healing or recovery requires becoming aware of the fact that all is not well. Simply the fact that you are reading this is a sign that you have experienced dissatisfaction with the feelings you have been having, and are looking for some sort of explanation and solution.

This awareness allows you to begin exploring the alternatives to your current situation and to instigate the process needed for healing shame or other negative emotions you are experiencing. You may be familiar with the popular twelve-step programs of recovery for various problems and addictions. It is well known that recovering from any type of difficulty involves going through a process, and that this can be simplified by being broken down into stages.

What I am sharing with you is a simple process of coming to terms with suffering depression, and overcoming the accompanying feelings of guilt and shame. As a sufferer of depression, I have sought to understand and treat my condition but, despite a wealth of wonderful information concerning the depressed condition, I found a lack of support and advice relating to overcoming the stigma surrounding it.

As a result of gradually working towards healing the shame I have felt due to suffering from depression, I have developed a process of recovery which has been enormously beneficial to me, and I hope may be of benefit and encouragement to you.

I believe that, with effort and patience, we can overcome our negative feelings about our condition, and as a result, begin to diminish the negative perceptions still held by society.

The first step of this process involves confronting and acknowledging our condition and our related feelings of shame. We can then progress into a stage of seeking greater understanding of the affliction from which we suffer.

Acceptance of our condition is the third step, which we then need to expand upon by endeavoring to embrace the condition which affects us.

We complete the process of healing shame by choosing to confide and confess our innermost fears and feelings about our depression to the people we love and trust.

The final, wonderfully liberating step is to release our fears, feelings, and even our attachment to our condition, and begin to enjoy a life free of guilt and shame.

An extract from Freedom from Shame by Amanda Harvey.

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Freedom from Shame

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