Good Qualities Take Time to Develop

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Good Qualities

Inner good qualities that bring us strength and courage are very important. We need to identify the key qualities that can help us on our quest for fulfillment. To then consciously cultivate these qualities can, day by day, bring us closer to our dreams, as well as helping us to achieve vital personal growth.

Some of the good qualities that can benefit us in our lives do not come naturally. Patience is definitely something that many of us have trouble with, and that’s okay.

None of us were born perfect, and in our lifetimes we cannot expect to achieve perfection. I believe that even if we could, it would be a very boring state. Differences, quirks, and imperfections are what make us human, and to quote Hugh Prather, ‘I am uncomfortable around gods.’

It may take our whole lives to achieve levels of certain qualities that we wish to attain, and that is okay too. It is the getting there that matters, not the being there. As long as we are learning, growing, and turning our faces towards the light, the journey is what counts. Each day, as you become a little bit more intuitive, slightly more courageous, your heart will sing.

We also reflect the state of our inner beings into the world around us. When your mind is focused on attaining a higher level of health, happiness, and peace, you radiate that mind-set to those around you without even trying.

While there are, of course, many inner qualities that reflect strength and goodness, the good qualities that I want to focus on particularly are the qualities that help you to follow your heart and to choose life your way.

In seeking to develop good inner qualities, faith and trust are vital. Great trust quotes can help us to recognize and remember the importance of trust in our Selves, the inherent goodness of other people, and the divine order of the Universe.

Self honesty allows us to recognize when the way we are thinking, feeling, or behaving is pulling us out of alignment with who we really are, and we can gently, firmly, and lovingly direct ourselves to a choice that holds greater personal authenticity.

Honesty quotes are great in helping us gain perspective about honesty. In seeking to live consciously and truthfully, it is important to consider the shades of gray that are inherent in life and in honesty.

Learning to live with integrity means learning to trust more and more in the wisdom of your inner guidance, and to make choices in every moment that align you with who you truly are.

Before coming to the qualities that are commonly accepted as being good, I would like to draw attention to a quality that is very misunderstood and much maligned. There is such a widely held perception that selfishness is bad and wrong, and in subscribing to this flawed premise, we are doing ourselves and others a great disservice. Read more about the art of selfishness, and why we should put ourselves first.

Courage is one of the most important qualities we can have, and cultivating courage simply means being willing to take chances and make choices- even in the face of fear.

Developing clarity is a case of being able to see past the external conditions that surround us, and the expectations that we place on ourselves, to the truth of what we really feel, want, and believe.

Consistency, or persistence , helps us to follow through on what is really important to us, and to keep going towards our dreams and our goals, no matter how many twists and turns our paths may take. Perseverance quotes remind us that if we continue moving in the right direction, resting when needed and getting up again when we stumble, we cannot help but reach our destination.

Conviction is developing the absolute certainty that your way is the right way for you to live, that you deserve to be happy, fulfilled, and have everything you want in your life.

Compassion for ourselves and others is so important on our journey through life. We will mess up, we will fall down, and we will experience suffering as well as joy. To be able to express compassion and kindness towards all around us can make even the roughest road a little smoother.

Confidence in our skills, our selves, and our ability to cope with whatever challenges life brings our way is a vital quality to develop.

Calmness, even in the midst of chaos, is something that doesn’t come naturally for many of us, but to be calm can be incredibly important as we navigate the sometimes rough waters of life.

Regardless of how you feel about your current level of any of these good qualities, trust that you have what it takes to develop all of them, and to learn and grow and blossom through the process. Everything you need is within you, it’s just that sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to uncover it.

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