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Feeling Trapped

Feeling trapped, stuck, or stifled is a horrible feeling. We feel powerless and out of control. We know that we don’t want to be where we are, but either we don’t know where it is we would rather be, or we have no idea how to get there. It can seem impossible to take even the first step towards a destination that seems so very far away.

This can also lead to feeling angry and resentful. If we perceive other people or circumstances as the reason we are stuck, we can develop resentment towards these things or people. If we are feeling trapped in a prison that we recognize is created by our own fears or beliefs, we can become harsh and critical of ourselves. It is not uncommon to feel that we should just be able to snap out of the lethargy and inactivity that often come with feeling stuck.

Becoming unstuck can take a bit of effort. Depending on how intensely, and for how long, you have been feeling this way, breaking free from it can be quite a challenge.


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A good start to escaping the mire of feeling trapped and powerless is to realize that our feelings of anger and resentment come from our perception of loss of control, and that perceptions can be changed. Preferably we can recognize these facts before the resentment builds to a point where we experience a total meltdown. Awareness is vitally important. If we can pick up on the initial sensations that signal the onset of feeling trapped, we can take preemptive action to avoid sliding into a pit of seeming powerlessness.

personal life coaching with Amanda Harvey The key to rising above the sense of being trapped or stuck is to reclaim the power that we all possess, but too often don’t grasp firmly or assert our ownership over. There are many things that undermine our perception of ourselves as powerful beings. Fear is a huge culprit, as are negative beliefs such as believing that we don’t deserve happiness and abundance, that we are not good enough just as we are, or that we don’t have choices in life. To reclaim our power and become unstuck, we need to deal with these barriers. Fear can be overcome, and negative beliefs can be changed. It takes work and commitment, but it sure beats staying stuck, feeling powerless and paralyzed.

Realizing that there is always a choice, no matter how impossible our circumstances may seem, is vital to freeing ourselves. Choosing to look for the learning that is always offered, even by the toughest situations, can help us to feel empowered rather than trapped in a place we would rather not be. Even though you may not always be able to choose the outcome of a situation, you always have a choice of how to respond and a choice of gaining wisdom and strength from your experiences.

By accepting that there are always choices, we also open our minds and our eyes to possibilities that we would not notice if we were focusing on the walls that seem to be around us. We do not always need to try and break through those metaphorical or circumstantial barriers by sheer force of will. There are often ways around them, under them, or though loopholes that are only found by really looking.

If you are feeling trapped in a situation that you are not happy with, don’t fall into the trap of believing ‘there is nothing I can do about it.’ There is always something you can do, and often it starts with a simple change of attitude. Reclaim your power of choice, and choose not to stay trapped- even if breaking free does take effort.

Choosing to stay stuck is not the easy option anyway, the pain and frustration that can come from continuing to feel powerless take a much greater toll on us mentally and physically than summoning the courage to take a stand. Decide that you refuse to stay stuck in the mental prison of feeling powerless, and begin putting an end to feeling trapped.

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