Feeling Disconnected Means
Needing a Spiritual Tune-up

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feeling disconnected

Feeling disconnected can happen to anyone. Sometimes it is a momentary feeling of isolation or ‘otherness.’ It can also be a chronic situation that keeps us frequently feeling separated from others, even in the midst of a crowd. It often doesn’t have any relationship to how many people you know or see, or even how many people love you.

Feeling disconnected comes from the creation of an emotional barrier between us and those around us. At an even more basic level, it is caused by a barrier between our conscious minds and the spiritual essence of our beings; our higher selves. If we are not in touch with, and at ease with our feelings, and the essence of who we are, we are internally disconnected. As a consequence of this, we are unable to experience healthy and effective connections with other people.


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Feeling disconnected is a result of losing touch with our inner strength and guidance. By becoming caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle that characterizes so many of our lives, it is all too easy to neglect our connection to our higher selves. When this happens, we find ourselves identifying ourselves almost completely with mental and physical factors. We tend to place far too much importance on what we are doing, what we are thinking, and the material achievements and possessions that we have or crave.

The spiritual aspect of our beings is what remains if we strip away the external aspects of our lives. It is who we are without a job title, or even a job, money, belongings, status, relationships. This concept can be terrifying to contemplate, and is what keeps so many of us driven in a constant pursuit of success, love, wealth, and possessions. Not that there is anything wrong with material wealth and achievement and healthy loving relationships- these are definitely part of a life well lived. The trouble is when we need these things too much, because we feel that without them we would be nothing.

Scary as it can be to think about yourself without the physical trappings of your life, if you can begin to do so, you can come to realize that these things are not who you are. They are merely decorations, and if these decorations are used to avoid looking at what is underneath, they often begin to seem unfulfilling and even unattractive, no matter how much we think we ‘should’ want them. When you peek under them, what you see is your true self.

Your true self is amazing, beautiful, perfect and wonderful, and it is only fear and negative beliefs that can keep you from seeing that. Often we are raised from childhood to believe that we are somehow innately ‘bad,’ ‘wrong,’ ‘flawed,’ ‘sinful.’ With these kind of beliefs, it is no wonder that we avoid identifying and connecting with, let alone examining, this inner being. There is nothing that you need to ‘become a better person,’ there is simply a whole lot of garbage that you need to get rid of in order to see the truth of who you are. So go on, start loading up that dump truck and clear away the complete nonsense that you have allowed yourself to believe. Decide to stop believing it!

A life-long habit can definitely take some breaking, but it starts with a decision. Chuck out those horrible, damaging thoughts and beliefs that you are less than amazing, and start redecorating your inner landscape with some new, uplifting, and true beliefs. Decide that you will not feed yourself garbage anymore, and start feeding yourself some positive words of affirmation. Tell yourself constantly, I am good, strong and wonderful, just as I am. If your mind rebels, refuse to listen- most of us have been listening to far too many lies for far too long. Every time your mind tells you the opposite of what you are affirming, throw out another piece of garbage, and repeat your affirmation in its place.

By learning to connect, and stay connected, with the powerful, loving essence of our higher selves, we can develop strong and loving connections with the world around us and its inhabitants. By maintaining this strong internal connection, we can avoid feeling disconnected, lost, and alienated. Like with an electrical appliance, if there is internal disruption or disconnection, external connections are just not going to work.

If you are feeling disconnected, you need to take the time to connect deeply with yourself. It takes courage and persistence, but it is the essence of living a happy, loving, and connected life. The stronger your connection with your own inner truth and wisdom, the more powerfully and positively you will be able to connect with those around you. So plug into your inner strength, and watch your world light up!

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