Direction in Life - Why You Should Look
Where You Want to Go

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A direction in life gives you a clear picture of where you want to go, and focusing on that direction allows you to move swiftly and surely towards the life you truly want to live. When figuring out where you want to be in any aspect of your life, consider the difference between setting a goal, and identifying a direction and creating an intention to move in that direction. A goal is like a travel itinerary, whereas a direction is an open-ended ticket to the part of the world you want to visit.

While it is very important to know where you want to go, and the general essence of what you want to experience in your life, a direction in life is often better than a goal. It can be very hard to picture exactly how things will unfold as you travel along the path towards creating the life you want to live, and being too specific can be limiting. Goals can also create pressure in terms of time, and for many people this is stressful and counterproductive.
One reason why it is important to have a clear direction in life is that without knowing where you want to go, you may very well end up heading in directions that don’t please you.

The fact of the matter is that we almost always move in the direction we are facing, so it stands to reason that we need to look at where we want to be, rather than looking at what we want to get away from.

If your attention is focused on parts of your current reality which are other than you would like them to be, it is very difficult for you to move in the opposite direction. The opposite direction is, of course, the new reality that you do want to experience. The new reality that needs to be identified, and focused upon, if you want to make sure you are moving in the direction in life you want to go.

While it is technically possible to move in reverse away from that which you don’t want, and towards that which you do want, it is far from the best way to travel. Your direction in life is not likely to be too accurate, and what a tedious journey it would be. It also deprives you of savoring the scenery which becomes increasingly more pleasing as you progress down the path of your intention.

And which would you rather keep in your vision, the reality of your dreams, or the reality that you no longer want to experience? It is definitely more encouraging to look toward, think about, talk about, and dream about the direction in life of your choosing, rather than dwelling on where you are coming from. So, even when you are facing in the direction that you want to go, there is often a tendency to keep looking back at where you are coming from, or around at what is happening now. Be aware of this, and when you notice your attention drifting for the path ahead, firmly and gently refocus yourself. Either of these distractions is simply slowing down the progress that you are making.

In fact when people spend a lot of their time turning back and facing the parts of their lives that they want to change, they often become immobilized. They feel a pull between the direction of where they are coming from, and where they want to go, and end up not moving at all. This often accounts for much of that stuck feeling that makes it seem like things are never going to change, and that there is no movement happening.

As well as creating a feeling of being stuck, looking backward and forward alternatively sometimes results in seesawing movement. This can be just as frustrating, if not more so, as feeling stuck. It is also very tiring, and discouraging, when you are actually moving, and making progress towards where you want to be, but then, by returning your attention to where you don’t want to be, effectively undoing your advancement.

Just recognizing the importance of creating a clear sense of direction in life, and deciding to keep yourself facing that way as much of the time as you possibly can is a huge part of not only getting to where you want to be more smoothly and easily, but also of enjoying the journey.

Once you know the direction in life you want to go, and understand the importance of pointing yourself consistently in that direction, creating the life that you want becomes a natural progression of just keeping yourself on the path. This is done by keeping your intention at the front of your mind, and in your direct line of vision.

Whether you have a clear sense of direction in the areas that are important to you, and could use some help and support in staying clear and focused, or whether you want to find more direction in your life, personal coaching can make a vital difference to the speed and ease with which you can move forward. Book your discounted life coaching discovery session with me, and let’s talk about how to create the smoothest and most joyful journey possible as you choose and follow your own personal direction in life.

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