A Blessing Prayer for a Blessed Life

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blessing prayer

A blessing prayer is one that can help us tap into a deep sense of appreciation for all the amazing blessings that already surround us. It can also assist us in opening our hearts and minds for even more blessings to flow into our lives.

When we ask for more abundance, goodness, happiness, love, health, or joy to come into our lives by using a blessing prayer, often what we will receive is a gradually deepening understanding that we are already blessed beyond imagining, but needed some help and clarity to begin seeing it.

The greatest cause of feeling the opposite of blessed is the focus that so many of us tend to place on what is missing in our lives, rather than what is present. Seeking Divine support through a heartfelt blessing prayer can help to expand our vision, and allow us to see clearly the multitude of blessings that we often shortsightedly ignore.

Who is more blessed; the rich, famous, successful, but yet deeply insecure and fearful tycoon, or the fisherman who lives simply but loves his life with a passion? This is not to say by any means that you can’t be rich and blissfully happy, and there are certainly plenty of poor people who are miserable, too. The point is that being blessed is not about what you have. It’s how you feel about what you have.

It is also in coming to deeply appreciate what we already have, that we can open ourselves up to receiving even more goodness into our lives. The following blessing prayer expresses gratitude for what already exists, while opening up to receiving and giving thanks for even greater blessings.

“I give thanks for the amazing blessings that surround me. My very life is a miracle and a gift and I take time to appreciate this most wonderful of blessings. I ask for Divine support in opening up to living my precious gift of life more fully and joyfully every day. I invite opportunities into my life that allow me to experience more and more of the things I want.

I enjoy and appreciate all the good things in my life. I give thanks for the simple blessings of a place to live and food to eat. I look forward to experiencing everything I want to have in my surroundings and my lifestyle. I open myself up to receiving every material object and circumstance I desire. I accept that it is my Divine birthright, as it is every human being’s, to live a rich, full, and abundant existence.

I am grateful for the people in my life and the wonderful gift of being able to give and receive love. I appreciate the gift that it is to be able to openly and lovingly connect with those around me, and I invite deep, emotionally fulfilling and mutually uplifting relationships to enter every area of my life.

I am thankful for the blessings of my abilities and talents. I use these talents to create joy and fulfillment in my own life, and to bring benefit to the lives of others. I open my heart and mind to all the amazing opportunities that abound for me to fully express, develop and share my gifts with the world around me.

I give thanks for my health. I appreciate the incredible miracle that my body represents, in its ability to perform millions of tasks without even my conscious thought. I allow myself to nurture and care for my body, and I ask for Divine support in allowing vibrant and wonderful health to blossom in my life.

As I pray this blessing prayer, I give thanks for the overwhelming abundance of blessings that surround me now, and I give thanks for the ever increasing blessings that are entering my life as I allow Your power to flow into and through me. I radiate the magnificently powerful energy of continuous blessings out to those around me, and pray this blessing prayer not just for myself, but for all humanity.”

The act of writing this blessing prayer to share with you has given me an incredible experience of being blessed, and I send it out into the world with all my love for it to make a contribution to the increased wellbeing of all who read it.

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