Abundance Affirmations

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abundance affirmations

Abundance affirmations can help to create abundance in our lives by counteracting negative and limiting beliefs and thoughts that create lack and scarcity.

One of the keys to creating successful abundance affirmations, or affirmations for transforming any area of our lives, is to figure out what the beliefs and fears are that are blocking us from having what we desire.

By changing our beliefs, we can truly change our lives. To understand this concept, it is important to grasp how powerful our thoughts are in creating our reality. Our actions are greatly influenced by our beliefs, and our actions are what create our circumstances.

For example, if you believe that you are not going to get a job that you are applying for, you are unlikely to go to the interview brimming with confidence and a positive attitude. Without a belief in your own abilities, you will have a very difficult time convincing anyone else that you are right for the job. As a result, it is likely that your original belief will come true, and you won’t get the job.

There is a big difference however between genuine belief and confidence, and a show of bravado. The latter often makes people come across as show-offs or know-it-alls, and can have just as much of a negative effect as an obvious lack of confidence. Even if false confidence does convince others, it doesn’t fool the person whose opinion matters most of all - you. If you end up getting hired for a job that you believe deep down you are not qualified for, this is likely to create great tension and anxiety, and make you feel like a fraud. For these reasons, it is so important to build solid and real positive beliefs at a fundamental level, and not to just try and mask deep-seated negative beliefs with a façade of confidence.

Affirmations work in reprogramming the beliefs that we have carried around, often for many years, by replacing them with a new, positive ‘script.’ This new script takes the place of the damaging ideas that we have been repeating to ourselves over and over- consciously and unconsciously. It is important to accept that replacing old beliefs with new ones takes time, patience and a lot of repetition.

If you have been telling yourself (or believing on some level) for years that you don’t deserve to be rich, expect that you will have to put just as much repetition into convincing yourself that you do deserve wealth and abundance. This can be sped up by making your new, desired beliefs the soundtrack to your life. If you truly want to change your thinking as the first step to changing your life, start instilling the beliefs you wish to have in your mind, and stick with a program of affirmation. Awareness is important too; if you notice yourself thinking in a negative way about your finances, immediately override those thoughts with some abundance affirmations.

Powerful abundance affirmations can be formed by taking any negative beliefs that we have regarding money and wealth, and turning these beliefs around. Creating abundance affirmations based on the situations or beliefs we want to change, we can develop ways of thinking that will allow us to choose a positive and healthy attitude to money.

The abundance affirmations below follow the negative beliefs that they are designed to overcome, and are typed in bold.

Negative Belief: “I don’t deserve to have money.”

Abundance Affirmation: I deserve to have money and joy in my life. Wealth and abundance are my right as a child of the universe. I accept and affirm that I am worthy and valuable just as I am and that I deserve all good things in life.

Negative Belief: “It is hard for me to have money.”

Abundance Affirmation: Money is flowing into my life easily and effortlessly. I am releasing all the fears and doubts that block the flow of abundance into my life. I allow money and joy to come to me freely. I am open to receiving every good thing in life. I affirm that I am freely and joyfully allowing more and more abundance into every area of my life.

Negative Belief: I can’t make money doing what I love.

Abundance Affirmation: I affirm that I have been given many gifts and talents. These abilities are a gift not only to me but to the world around me. It is my purpose to fully and joyfully express my talents creatively and for the good of myself and others. I allow money to flow to me as I do work that I love, and attract and receive more and more wealth and goodness into my life as I fulfill my passions and follow the path of my heart.

Negative Belief: “I need money to be secure.”

Abundance Affirmation: My security comes from within. I trust that I am safe, strong and resilient, and no matter what happens in the world around me, I am completely secure. I trust that I am provided for by an abundant universe, and affirm that I have and will always have everything I need.

Negative Belief: “I am always insecure- whatever I have is not enough, and I might lose what I have.”

Abundance Affirmation: I am willing to let go of my fear and insecurity. I allow myself to replace these doubts with trust and confidence. I affirm that my deep inner security is increasing every day, and I release all fears and allow myself to be strengthened and provided for by a loving and abundant universe. There is always enough, and I allow myself to enjoy this sense of wellbeing.

Negative Belief: “I envy others’ wealth because I am unable to have what they have.”

Abundance Affirmation: I accept that I can have anything I want in my life. It is okay for me to have everything good in life. I deserve to have everything good in life. I accept that I am worthy of joy and abundance. I release any doubts of what is possible in my life and allow myself to dream freely. I allow these dreams to become a reality and accept wealth and abundance into my life. I observe the flow of goodness into my life increasing every day, and accept that everything is possible.

Negative Belief: “It is bad to be rich.”

Abundance Affirmation: I accept that money is simply a form of energy that can be used to enhance and expand a joyful, loving and fulfilling life. Having money allows me to be more of who I am at my deepest level. I affirm that I am good and wonderful- I am a cherished part of a loving universe. I allow money, abundance and joy to come into my life and to give me more and more possibilities to express and share this abundance with others. I affirm that money and goodness flow into and through my life, allowing me to live a rich, full and joyful life, and to share this goodness with all around me.

These are just some variations of the multitude of fears and negative beliefs that can plague us about money, but whatever the thoughts or attitudes are that are preventing you from enjoying a life of fulfillment and abundance, know that beliefs can be changed.

It takes time, it takes commitment and patience, but the alternative is staying trapped in a life and mindset of scarcity and doubt. Put some abundance affirmations into practice now, use them diligently for a month, and see whether your feelings and circumstances regarding money have begun to shift. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving it a wholehearted try.

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