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Life coaching online empowers you to find and follow your dreams, uncover your inner strength and courage, and live your life your way.

The aim of this website is to encourage you to dare to be different and to help you find the courage to choose your own way and to follow your heart. Everything you need is within you. You just need to discover it!

Life coaching is a service that is provided in two ways through this site.

The first is through a wealth of articles on a range of subjects including managing human emotions, making life choices, and becoming empowered. These written materials can be of great help and encouragement if you are seeking support and understanding through information, and are made available free of charge.

The second way is individual life coaching online via Skype and webcam. If you seriously want to break through in any area of your life, interactive sessions of life coaching provide the concentrated and personalized input and teamwork that can make all the difference.

A Welcome Message from Amanda Harvey

Whether everything is going great but there is an area in your life that you really want to move forward with, or perhaps there is something that feels like it’s dragging you down and holding you back, personal life coaching gives you the step-by-step methods, support and guidance you need to make the changes you want.

Life coaching online through personal coaching sessions and exploring the resources on can help you to discover and live the way you truly want to live. Explore the choices that are always available, and uncover the strength, courage, and wisdom that you possess within.

The key messages of this site are that the only right way to live life is your way, that there is always a choice, and that everything you need to be happy and fulfilled is within you.

I'm so glad to welcome you to Enjoy exploring the contents of the site, and don't forget to bookmark this page and visit again often.

If you would like to contact me, please use this form to send me a message.

Positive Affirmations Are Incredibly Powerful
Positive affirmations are one of the most powerful tools in creating happiness. Once you have identified something you would like to transform, affirmations can bring big changes.
The Awesome Power of Prayer
The greatest power of prayer is that it opens up direct communication with the Divine. Prayer helps us stay connected to the support that is always available to us, and reminds us we are never alone.
How to Break Free from Following the Crowd
Do you often find yourself saying I want to break free? Are you tired of living life by other people’s rules? Uncover the courage within you to break free and go your own way.
How to Achieve Emotional Freedom
Experience emotional freedom by breaking free from the paralyzing effect that negative emotions can have on us. Breaking free empowers us to make positive choices in spite of our emotions.
You Can Find Love and Lasting Happiness With the Right Mindset
How to find love by freeing yourself from limiting thoughts and beliefs. True love and happiness are not a fairytale.
Interpersonal Relationships - Creating Healthy Human Connections
Healthy interpersonal relationships are mutually respectful, open, honest, and caring. Having great connections is not just for the ‘lucky’ few; it is a skill that can be learned.
Life Purpose and Life Passion
Finding your life purpose is a matter of learning to listen to and follow your heart. Your purpose is to be happy, fulfilled, abundant, and creative.
The True Meaning of Success
The true meaning of success is worth pondering, as understanding what success means, in real terms, is a huge first step towards attaining the increased success that most of us desire.
Make Life Choices More Easily by Listening to Your Intuition
Whichever life choices you decide to make, if you follow your heart, you can't go wrong. Every choice will bring valuable learning.
Life Lessons Can Teach Us So Much
Life lessons are offered by almost every experience that we have. Like with any lessons though, we will only benefit if we have an open heart and mind and are willing to learn and grow.
Career Choices Are Many and Varied
Good career choices make a huge difference to the happiness and fulfillment in your life. It is never too late to make new choices to better align your career with your dreams and goals.
You Can Have It All
Sometimes you really can have it all, and you can usually have more than most people think. Open your mind to the absolute abundance of life, and the possibilities become endless.
Letting Go of Trying to Control Life
Letting go does not mean giving up. It just means loosening your grip on life, and trusting that whatever happens in your life, there will be wonderful opportunities for growth and happiness.
Good Qualities to Develop for Happiness
Inner good qualities that bring us strength and courage are very important.To cultivate these qualities day by day can bring us closer to our dreams, as well as helping us to achieve personal growth.
Get Motivated and Make Your Dreams Come True
Being motivated comes from taking your dreams out of the realm of fantasy and making them a reality. Motivation is the desire to take action, and the belief that you will reach your goals.
To Overcome Obstacles Takes Persistence
To overcome something does not mean you have to physically conquer that obstacle. The only thing you need to do is to eliminate the power of that situation, fear, or belief over you.
Live Life to the Fullest
To live life to the full is to make a choice to seize the moment- every single moment. There is an enormous difference between just existing, and being fully, joyfully, consciously alive.
What Is Reality? Reality Is What We Make It
What is reality? Reality is what we make it. We have the power to create an external reality that is as amazing as anything we can imagine.
Understanding Human Emotions and Managing Emotions
Human emotions can be complicated, confusing, and sometimes even downright ugly. Managing our emotions is possible by understanding them.
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Dynamic speaker, acclaimed writer, and inspiring life coach, Amanda Harvey has a passion for empowerment and holistic well-being.
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